STYLISH × MODERNHigh-quality, Stylish Atmosphere

There are 3 different types of high-quality guest rooms with the warmth of the traditional
Japan and the modern, stylish taste.

Key Points

  • Functional and compact design

    Functional and compact design

    Cozy spaces full of functionality and amenities.

  • Free Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi access is available in guest rooms.

  • Air Purifier & Humidifier

    Air Purifier & Humidifier

    Air Purifier & Humidifier is installed in all guest rooms.

Kyoto-specific designs

Ceilings are covered with various designs using Japanese "temari" balls, and bedside switches are wrapped with "chiyogami" traditional figured paper designs.

Kyoto-specific designs

Kyoto-specific designs

Motifs for guest room ceilings are cherry blossom flowers and traditional "temari" balls. Cherry Blossoms show their elegant figures and enrich their stay. "Temari" balls embody bouncy feelings and happiness. We hope all the guests spend their time in the rooms stresslessly while feeling their extraodinary atmosphere.



Check-in /
3:00 p.m.~ / 11:00 a.m.
Total number of
guest room
85 rooms
Note All room are non-smoking